Global brand strategy for a leading insurance provider

Untold's expertise in crafting brand strategies can help major brands resonate globally while acknowledging regional nuances, ensuring brand consistency and depth across diverse markets.

Client challenge

A globally recognized insurance provider was grappling with inconsistencies in their brand’s representation across various markets. With a local brand approach allowing for market-specific tailoring, the lack of clarity led to a myriad of diverse brand materials. Aiming to strike a balance between global brand presence and regional specificity, they sought expertise to provide clarity and consistency in conveying their brand story.

Our approach

Our collaboration centered around the brand's customer-centric mission. We synthesized their customer-centric strategy, adding layers of clarity and detail. Recognizing the value of respecting cultural nuances while maintaining global consistency, we articulated a brand narrative that seamlessly integrated market differences. Our primary goal was to ensure that every market, regardless of cultural context, resonated with and understood the ethos behind their brand’s core purpose.

Outcomes and impact

The renewed brand strategy, supplemented by fresh brand guidelines and assets, led to a unified, yet adaptable brand identity across markets. This refreshed brand approach not only brought cohesion but also created a foundation that seamlessly aligned with their partnerships, especially with new brand collaborations. This alignment further cemented their overarching customer-centric and purpose-led positioning strategy.

Client reflections

"This initiative has seamlessly tied together the essence of our brand across various markets, ensuring a consistent yet culturally nuanced brand representation. The strategic clarity has not only strengthened our global brand identity but has also paved the way for collaborations that align with our mission."
Global Head of Brand

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