Refining a HealthTech growth strategy

Untold's ability to harness deep audience insights, can help innovative businesses to redefine their growth strategies and thrive in complex markets.

Client challenge

A rising healthtech player, having capitalized on partnerships during the health crisis, grappled with achieving a product-market fit for their direct-to-consumer offer. Amidst the intricacies of the UK market, which is profoundly influenced by the NHS, they sought insights to boost their consumer outreach, all while exploring new avenues in the B2B realm.

Our approach

With a foundation in the Jobs to Be Done methodology, we embarked on an explorative journey to comprehend the brand's target audience intimately. This exploration revealed that their existing core strategy focused on a niche job that presented growth challenges. To circumvent this, our recommendation was to align their offerings with immediate health challenges that potential customers were navigating, making their solutions timely and resonant.

Outcomes and impact

Our partnership illuminated the inherent challenges of cementing a direct-to-consumer healthtech presence in the UK's unique landscape. However, armed with our insights, the brand crafted new product offerings and packages tailored to address the pressing needs within the market, leveraging adjacent spaces to expand their at-home blood test offering. Also choosing to continue to prioritize their B2B offerings which offered greater revenue potential in the short term.

Client reflections

"The Jobs to Be Done approach brought a great deal of clarity and we’re still using and sharing these audience insights within the business a year later."
Product Marketing Manager, HealthTech

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