We deliver strategic customer-led advisory powered by Jobs to Be Done


Customer-led growth strategy is the place to start.

Whether you’re prepping a new product launch or looking to scale, our sprints help you explore the market forces influencing your buyers with our approach honed over a decade. Decode buying behaviours, competitive dynamics and underlying needs. Using ‘Jobs to Be Done’ as a central organising framework, we lead your teams through a discovery process with clear outcomes for both product and marketing strategies.  


Customer-led innovation builds products people love.

Great ideas will stay great ideas unless there is product-market fit. Test early and often to avoid costly development errors. Refine propositions based on what matters most to your audiences. We utilise customer research techniques, lean methodologies and ‘Jobs to Be Done’ to get predictive about demand, and boost your chances of success.

Specialist expertise to help your teams make progress.


Primary research including qualitative, quantitative and advanced analytics.

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD)

Jobs identification, opportunity analysis, market forces and buyer’s journey.


UX, proposition and landing page development, ads and demand testing.


Design sprints, workshops, stakeholder engagement and strategic guides.
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Jobs not products

Adopt a practice of relentless focus on the customer Job so you can think intuitively about product and brand development.


Starting with the customer helps you build a strong marketing strategy, lovable products and a compelling brand.


Save time, money and resources and avoid costly development hours by ensuring an evidence-based approach at all times.

Smarter research

Understand the limitations of customer research, and avoid being misled by thoughtless feedback or false positives.

Lean and iterative

Our team works as an extension of yours, start getting answers from week 1 and work collaboratively with us throughout.

Clarity and alignment

Close projects with a feeling of clarity and team alignment on what happens next, with new tools and resources at your disposal.


Adelynne Chao

Customer Jobs Specialist
Founder and Director of Untold, transforming how businesses use insight, putting customers at the centre of product & marketing strategies, building the next generation of digital product brands. 

Simon Marmara

UX Design Specialist
Design and UX specialist, prototype builder, demand tester, bringing a ‘design thinking’ perspective and design-side market insight. Translating insights into tangible outcomes.

Sanjna Kirtikar

Behavioural Specialist
Customer Strategist with a Masters in Social Cognition from UCL, JTBD specialist and previously led behavioural change initiatives at Accenture Digital.


We deliver customer-led advisory for the world’s leading tech and digital brands. Click here to schedule a call and find out how we can help you.
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Untold delivers customer-led growth strategy for tech and digital product and marketing teams.


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