Hi, we’re Untold. We're in the business of clear, powerful customer research and strategy, designed for today's digital world.

Here's the thing: There's a gap between traditional market research and the strategies businesses need now. We believe that for a brand to do well today, it has to understand its customers deeply. But many of the old ways of doing research? They're not cutting it. This means a lot of valuable insight gets missed.

What we do differently?

We bring insight that's hard to overlook. Our team, experienced in delivering strategic recommendations, keeps things simple and effective. We mix solid customer understanding with powerful AI tools, so you can be super clear about what to do next. We're here to help you on your customer-led growth journey - from strategy to marketing and product.

With us, it's not about big words or flashy promises. It's about doing the work, doing it well, and letting the results speak for themselves.

With us, it's not about big words or flashy promises. It's about doing the work, doing it well, and letting the results speak for themselves.

Our specialist areas of expertise include

Strategy & positioning advisory

Customer behavior & psychology

Jobs to Be Done research

Global qual & quant market research

AI specialist expertise

Design and data visualization

Meet our core team

We're straightforward experts in customer-led growth strategy, blending our experience in market research, marketing strategy, design and consulting. You might recognize some names we've worked with – like Oracle, Burberry, Superdry, AIA, Intuit, Unilever, Wise, and more. We let our experience do the talking.

Adelynne Chao


Adelynne Chao, founder of Untold Insights, is a pioneering strategist and seasoned market researcher with over a decade of expertise in global and boutique research firms. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative approach, coupled with an analytical mindset, has shaped Untold Insights’ unique value proposition - delivering commercially actionable insights through innovative customer psychology frameworks and AI modelling.

Adelynne’s specialty lies in her ability to synthesize complex information into clear narratives that inspire action, a talent honed during her first-class honors business and IT degree from University College London. Her rich consulting experience includes working with leading brands like Oracle, Superdry, and Coach, where she has adeptly guided senior management and marketing teams towards achieving high-value outcomes. With Adelynne’s strong leadership and her team’s unparalleled expertise, Untold Insights continues to redefine market research in an era of rapid digital evolution.

Simon Marmara

Digital Design & AI Specialist

Simon is a design and UX specialist, prototype builder, and demand tester known for his "design thinking" approach. He excels at translating insights into tangible outcomes that meet user needs and business objectives. With expertise in AI development and marketing strategy, Simon leverages artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences and optimize business processes. He seamlessly integrates design principles into every stage of product development, resulting in exceptional user experiences and improved efficiency.

Simon's market insight and proficiency in marketing strategy enable him to create user-centric solutions that resonate with target audiences and drive business growth. Throughout his career, he collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams, fostering communication and shared vision for successful project execution.

Sanjna Kirtikar

Behavioral Specialist

Sanjna is a behavioral specialist and customer strategist with a Masters in Social Cognition from UCL. She brings a wealth of experience in leading behavioural change initiatives, previously working at Accenture Digital. Sanjna is a specialist in Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) methodology, utilizing her expertise to understand customer needs and develop effective strategies. Her deep understanding of social cognition enables her to design impactful solutions that drive behavioral change and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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