We deliver customer research and strategy for a digital world 

Hi, we’re Untold Insights.

We exist to bridge the gap between market research and strategy. We believe brands must be customer-led to succeed in a digital world but a lot of customer research frameworks are outdated and hard to use. As a result, research is being underutilised and undervalued. 

Our solution? To offer clients research that is so valuable it can’t be ignored, by a team that is used to delivering insights at boardroom level. We are challenging traditional research methods and using customer psychology and behavioural techniques to help clients create a customer strategy that powers their brand to growth. We offer a range of services which take a customer-led approach to marketing, product and brand. 

Our specialist areas of expertise include

Global market research


Behavioural science 

Jobs to Be Done frameworks 

Brand strategy 

Marketing & growth strategy 

Product, UX and innovation

Design and data visualisation

The core team

Work with the leading consultants in the customer strategy field, offering a fusion of market research, brand strategy and management consulting services. They have worked on high profile projects with a wide range of clients including Oracle, Burberry, Superdry, AIA, Intuit, Unilever, Wise and many more. 

Adelynne Chao

Customer Jobs Specialist
Founder and Director of Untold, transforming how businesses use insight, putting customers at the centre of product & marketing strategies, building the next generation of digital product brands. 


Simon Marmara

UX Design Specialist
Design and UX specialist, prototype builder, demand tester, bringing a ‘design thinking’ perspective and design-side market insight. Translating insights into tangible outcomes.


Sanjna Kirtikar

Behavioural Specialist
Customer Strategist with a Masters in Social Cognition from UCL, JTBD specialist and previously led behavioural change initiatives at Accenture Digital.


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Untold Insights delivers customer research and strategy for a digital world.
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