About us

At Untold, we’re more than consultants; we’re innovators and doers.

We’re the architects of Untold and the builders of SegmentAI, having guided some of the world’s leading brands in their digital customer strategies. Our strength lies in our cross-sector strategic expertise that transcends industry boundaries.

We pride ourselves on being progressive and forward-thinking, grounded in modern psychology and the belief that yesterday’s frameworks are becoming relics of the past.

Insightful simplicity

Our team excels in delivering strategic recommendations with clarity and effectiveness. We blend deep customer understanding with advanced AI tools for straightforward, actionable insights.

Results-driven approach

We focus on practical work and quality outcomes, allowing our results to speak for themselves. No grandiose claims, just solid performance.

Strategy and positioning guidance

Expert advice on strategy and positioning, tailored to your unique business needs and market dynamics.

Customer behavior insights

In-depth analysis of customer behavior and psychology, providing a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Advanced research capabilities

Comprehensive global qualitative and quantitative market research, combined with our specialized expertise in Jobs to Be Done methodology.

Data visualization and design

Skillful design and data visualization that bring insights to life, making complex information easily understandable and visually engaging.

Our specialist areas of expertise

Our approach is a balanced fusion of analytics and creativity, merging these realms to deliver a unique, deeply collaborative experience. Unlike typical consultancies, we don’t rely on off-the-shelf solutions or data-overloaded presentations. Instead, we work hand-in-hand with you, weaving together all elements into a narrative that’s has the power to be truly transformative and inspiring.

Strategy & positioning advisory

Customer behavior & psychology

Jobs to Be Done research

Global qual & quant market research

AI specialist expertise

Design and data visualization

Meet our core team

We're straightforward experts in customer-led growth strategy, blending our experience in market research, marketing strategy, design and consulting. You might recognize some names we've worked with – like Oracle, Burberry, Superdry, AIA, Intuit, Unilever, Wise, and more. We let our experience do the talking.

Adelynne Chao


Adelynne Chao, leveraging her global research and AI expertise at Untold Insights, is transforming market research with strategic, customer-centric solutions.
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Simon Marmara

Digital Design & AI Specialist

Simon integrates 'design thinking' and AI expertise to create user-centric designs that align seamlessly with business objectives and enhance user experiences.
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Sanjna Kirtikar

Behavioral Specialist

Sanjna combines her UCL-trained behavioral expertise and Jobs to Be Done methodology to develop strategies that effectively drive customer-focused behavioral change.
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