Leave the competition behind and follow your customers into the future

Tap into a modern understanding of buying psychology and AI modelling to reveal what really drives demand in a digital age.

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Revolutionise your customer understanding

Our team of experts offer a consultancy skillset with research rigour to help progressive companies lead the way to customer-led growth
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Find out what your customers really need

Customer Jobs to Be Done identification
4-8 weeks

Know how to fine tune your brand marketing

A modern approach to brand tracking
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Identify your ideal audiences and their needs

A modern approach to segmentation
8-12 weeks

Make your next product launch a success

Customer-led proposition development
6-12 weeks

AI Powered Innovation Sprints

A new process for rapid innovation.
Harness Jobs to Be Done and the capabilities of AI to enhance ideation and problem-solving.
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Get better insights to stay competitive

A customer-led growth strategy is highly effective in today's fast-paced digital age, where customer expectations are constantly evolving and competition is fierce.
Traditional research methods collect a lot of data but fail to deliver the highly efficient commercial insight you need. Untold uses proven evidence-based frameworks to help get your teams unstuck.

Do you deeply understand your customers’ Jobs to Be Done?

The only way to keep up with skyrocketing customer expectations is to shift away from a product focus towards a customer focus.
The real underlying reason a customer makes a buying decision is not because they ‘love’ your brand or products, but it’s because they need to solve a Job to Be Done. What is a Job to Be Done? trending_up It’s the progress a person is trying to make, either practically or emotionally, and they hire a product to help them do it.

Gain an edge over your competitors through a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ Jobs to Be Done.
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What problem this will help them solve in their life.
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How they will be perceived.
Emotional Jobs Icon


What solving this problem will help them feel.
“Our work with Untold has directly impacted our marketing strategy for important growth markets. Unpicking the buyer's journey and understanding our customers’ Jobs to Be Done was invaluable in helping our teams narrow the focus for effective channels and key messaging.”
Amber Trendell, Senior Director of Strategy
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Sustainability: An afterthought effect

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