Growth comes from delivering what customers really value

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The future is customer-led

Increasing competition in a digital environment is forcing an evolution in how brands market and sell their products. To keep up with constant change and skyrocketing expectations it’s essential to build your strategy around the customer. And here’s the kicker - the majority of brands today are still not customer-led, leaving abundant opportunities to capture market share.
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Know what your customers really need so you can compete better, sell more and grow faster

Know where to position your brand to win new customers

Deliver consistent experiences by aligning teams around customer needs

Convert more buyers with better targeting and relevant messaging

Increase the success rate of your new ventures

Growth starts with understanding what motivates your customers to buy.

The real reason a customer is motivated to buy your products is to solve their Job to Be Done. This customer-led framework provides the clarity that helps align teams to solve for what customers really need.
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Our customer-led thinking


Identify your ideal target audiences to unlock new growth

In this post we outline a 5 step evidence-based approach to unlocking new growth through identifying the key target audiences for your proposition.
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The value of a needs-based segmentation in a digital world

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Incorporating the Behavioural Science Toolkit into your Customer Research

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Augmenting the Design Thinking Process with Jobs to Be Done Research

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How to use JTBD to build a proposition customers will love

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Travel, as reconnection

We explore what some of the emerging trends might be as people plan their getaways in the coming months and years following the pandemic. Findings from over 5,000 consumers across 10 markets globally.
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Customer research and strategy 

Identify key audience segments and their JTBD, map out opportunities in a competitive context, understand what customers’ value about your offer today and how to build on it.
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Product / UX

For VC’s or venture-backed startups - confidently launch new ventures and build a compelling investment case with product-market fit validation.
For brands looking to innovate and launch new offerings - create a prototype for a new proposition, test with target customers and validate demand before investing in product development


Predict the size and value of opportunities, inform your roadmap by prioritising which JTBD and audience segments to target first.
Customer-led development of thought leadership content and marketing materials which will drive engagement.


Inform your brand strategy and positioning with a focus on communicating how your brand delivers what customers most value.
Monitor ongoing brand performance and KPIs including the strength of customer associations of your brand with key JTBD.

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We work across sectors to help brands succeed in a digital world.


Increase sales and marketing conversion in B2B SaaS

Develop a customer-led brand positioning for an iconic fashion brand

Inform the GTM strategy for a new Fintech venture

Refine the segment targeting strategy for a global tech brand

Find product-market fit for a D2C healthtech offer

 Validate demand for early-stage  Fintech propositions

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“Our work with Untold has directly impacted our marketing strategy for important growth markets. Unpicking the buyer's journey and understanding our customers’ Jobs to Be Done was invaluable in helping our teams narrow the focus for effective channels and key messaging.”
Amber Trendell,
Senior Director of Strategy


Untold Insights delivers customer research and strategy for a digital world.
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Untold Insights delivers customer research and strategy for a digital world.


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