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People buy progress not products.


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We help brands adopt a customer-led strategy to launch, grow and scale winning digital products.

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Find out what customers really need. Our approach has been honed over a decade of customer analysis in the digital era. It taps into the deep and often untold* reasons behind customer behaviour to help you make progress.
*It's in the name
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Specialist expertise to help your teams make progress.


Primary research including qualitative, quantitative and advanced analytics.

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD)

Jobs identification, opportunity analysis, market forces and buyer’s journey.


UX, proposition and landing page development, ads and demand testing.


Design sprints, workshops, stakeholder engagement and strategic guides.
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Get your teams aligned on what really motivates your customers.

Level up your research methods to help teams adopt customer-led, evidence based thinking that brings consensus and alignment to planning and roadmap.

Predict what customers will buy, by understanding their Jobs to Be Done.

The real reason a customer buys your product is to solve a Job to Be Done (JTBD). But here’s the kicker - the majority of brands today are still not built around customer Jobs leaving abundant opportunities to capture market share.
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Customer Strategy

10 Weeks
Understand how to create a winning customer strategy in today’s digital world, upskilling teams on JTBD models. 
Buyer’s journey research / JTBD identification / Competitor mapping / Activation workshops

Proposition Builder

12 Weeks
Start with opportunity identification that focuses on clear Jobs to Be Done, and end with a validated proposition.
JTBD identification / Competitor mapping / Design sprint / Proposition testing

Venture lab

From 4 Weeks
Confidently launch new ventures and build a compelling investment case with evidence of market opportunity.
JTBD identification / Market sizing / Demand and product market fit analysis

Brand & Jobs Tracker

Regular research to track market and competitor movements and your brand’s performance against key JTBD.  
JTBD tracking / Competitor pulse / Brand performance

Thought Leadership

6 Weeks
Drive marketing engagement, identify unique narrative angles and deliver high-value customer data through our seamless end-to-end thought leadership content.
Global consumer & B2B surveys / Narrative and copywriting / Design production

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We work with

We work with the startups, scaleups, VCs and tech leaders who are building the next generation of tech and digital products. These are some of the growth challenges we have helped clients tackle:
Delivering a customer strategy to align planning and roadmap for a B2B greentech startup
Finding product-market fit in D2C HealthTech
Informing the go to market strategy of a new Fintech venture
Reaching a go or no-go decision to target a new SMB market segment
Building demand-tested propositions at speed
“Our work with Untold has directly impacted our marketing strategy for important growth markets. Unpicking the buyer's journey and understanding our customers’ Jobs to Be Done was invaluable in helping our teams narrow the focus for effective channels and key messaging.”
Amber Trendell,
Senior Director of Strategy


We deliver customer-led advisory for the world’s leading tech and digital brands. Click here to schedule a call and find out how we can help you.
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Untold delivers customer-led growth strategy for tech and digital product and marketing teams.


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