Strengthening Oracle’s marketing initiatives with global consumer research

This collaboration epitomizes how in-depth consumer research can not only illuminate market trends but can significantly enhance the marketing endeavors of industry giants like Oracle.

Client challenge

Oracle orchestrates several annual events and produces an expansive range of content marketing to captivate their customers and prospects. The pressing need? A potent blend of global consumer trends that would not only spotlight Oracle's nuanced understanding of end-users but also spur potential clients' engagement and showcase Oracle’s dedication to crafting innovative B2B solutions with consumer needs in mind.

Our approach

As Oracle's trusted research partners since 2016, we embarked on an extensive annual global consumer research journey, spanning 12 distinct markets and engaging thousands of consumers. This in-depth engagement sought to unearth emerging consumer attitudes and behaviors across diverse sectors - from the hustle and bustle of restaurants and the allure of travel to the intricacies of shopping and the nuances of energy/utilities. Each insight meticulously gleaned was tailored to serve the multifaceted needs of various Oracle marketing teams.

Diving deeper, for Oracle's Food & Beverage team, we captured 2022's prevailing trends through a comprehensive survey that engaged over 5,700 consumers spanning 11 global regions. This exercise not only illuminated the consumer landscape for Oracle but served as a repository of content, refreshed bi-annually, fueling Oracle's marketing initiatives all year round. Transitioning these insights into actionable content, we crafted an online trends page, data-centric charts for varied collateral, and socially shareable snippets.

Outcomes and impact

The fruits of our labor manifested as content rich in insights that amplified SEO engagement on Oracle's site. Coupled with that, professionally curated white papers, in-depth reports, and thought-provoking videos that exuded thought leadership helped supercharge Oracle's lead generation.

The results from one of our F&B engagements? A staggering 189+ content mentions, a sweep of 3 million impressions, a deep dive with 24k unique blog views, and a whopping 2k unique website visits to Oracle’s site.

Client reflections

"Untold not only captured our vision but challenged us to think differently about our approach resulting in an exceptional body of work. Through thoughtful design and delivery, we were able to generate 200 marketing qualified leads in short order.”
Rose Spicer, Global Marketing Director for Oracle Retail

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