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Adelynne Chao

The world keeps speeding up, and businesses need more and more ways to keep up. This post outlines the benefits of our unique, AI-powered process that helps to accelerate and improve on a typical proposition development workstream.  

Here are 6 steps that will help get your teams on the fast-track.

Step 1: Start with quality inputs for exceptional outputs

In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the adage "Garbage in, garbage out" has never been more relevant. To leverage the full potential of AI, it is critical that the input data is high quality, customer-led, and carefully curated. It is this customer-driven data that will drive truly groundbreaking results, enabling the creation of superior business propositions that are not only innovative but also highly responsive to your customers' needs.

Step 2: Apply Jobs To Be Done Theory to understand your customers

Our preferred approach is to build on Jobs To Be Done theory, which delves deep into the customer psyche, uncovering their emotional, social, and functional needs. We don't only look at what product a customer buys; instead, we understand the goal they're trying to achieve by "hiring" a product. This nuanced understanding of customer motivations allows us to generate propositions that speak directly to the core of your customers' desires, enhancing the effectiveness of your offerings.

Step 3: Generate superior, bias-free ideas 

The next step to fast-track your results involves using AI to bypass traditional biases associated with product-led thinking. Traditional product development often succumbs to the bias of existing product lines and technical perspectives, restricting creative thinking and innovation. By undergoing an involved training process with AI we ensure it can hold all the relevant context. This means it is able to generate innovative, customer-centric propositions, free from the limitations of existing product lines and technical perspectives. This approach leads to faster and more relevant idea generation.

Step 4: Get teams unstuck with rapid, incredible results 

With our AI-Powered projects, we have seen the trade-off between time and quality become a thing of the past. We've consistently seen great results in a matter of days, as a natural outcome of translating customer insights into tangible, real-world concepts. This allows your teams to move beyond internal debates and fast tracks the development of customer-focused, innovative concepts. Whether our objective is to develop a new value proposition, customer-focused messaging or a new app. 

Step 5: Validate with target customers through iterative research 

A critical step we recommend in any proposition development process is about ensuring your concepts are continuously tested and refined. We advocate for iterative qualitative research, enabling you to validate product-market fit and confirm market demand before any significant development investment. Followed by a phase of robust quantitative demand validation. This customer-centric approach not only guides you towards a clear path forward (or overall winning concept) but also saves time and resources in the long run.

Step 6: Bring in human creativity when it really counts 

Our method is not about replacing human innovation sprints, but rather enhancing them. By utilizing AI, we rapidly generate and test early-stage propositions with target prospects, allowing us to uncover elements that truly resonate. This way, when you bring your best minds together, they can focus their energy on refining and developing ideas that will genuinely impress your customers.

Conclusion: Go further, faster

In the race to deliver compelling propositions, those who harness the power of AI and combine it with insightful, customer-led data will come out on top. With our rapid, AI-powered proposition development process, you'll not only save time but also create completely bespoke and differentiated offerings that truly resonate with your target customers. It's time to experience the AI difference.

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