Meet Avery

Avery is a 23 year old Gen Z persona that prioritizes sustainability in her daily life. Avery’s knowledge is built on comprehensive Gen Z surveys, capturing the insights of over 1,000 Gen Z consumers across UK & US.

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Question ideas
Sustainability opinions: What's one change you hope to see in the next five years when it comes to sustainable shopping?

Shopping preferences: What are your thoughts on fast fashion brands?

Marketing ideation: What kind of marketing campaigns or advertisements resonate with you the most when it comes to sustainable products?

Brainstorming: Can you help me with a new product idea I have? 
Disclaimer: Avery is an experimental AI Chatbot trained on specific Untold datasets. We cannot vouch for its recommendations. It's AI-generated and might have occasional glitches.
Your data is secure and chats aren’t stored or used for further training. Please note there is a character limit for Avery’s responses, if the limit is reached the chat may stop.

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