Customer-led ideation, on demand

Put customer insights to action with AI-powered personas.

Create AI personas

Leverage your customer insights to forge dynamic personas for real-time guidance in product and marketing decisions.

Early ideation made simpler

Refine and iterate your early ideas using SegmentAI’s rich knowledge base of your audiences’ needs and insights, applied to your work.

Effectiveness scoring tool

Built on behavioral insight, SegmentAI evaluates your ideas based on how well it speaks to the core 'Jobs to Be Done' that truly motivate your customers, ensuring relevance and impact.

Your customer in the room

Instead of scanning tortuously complex data decks, sense-check your creative ideas with SegmentAI, trained to emulate your target customer.

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Currently in closed beta, we're accepting signups to our waitlist for a chance to gain early access to the tool.
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AI personas: The secret to crafting killer ideas

Watch Adelynne's talk at the TBD Conference about the potential of SegmentAI.
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When is SegmentAI launching?

SegmentAI is in the exciting phase of closed beta testing. We're actively onboarding customers and forming partnerships with select businesses eager to shape the future of customer insight activation. Our goal? To co-develop SegmentAI, ensuring we introduce new, impactful features in the upcoming releases. Stay tuned for broader access and opportunities to transform how you connect with your customers.

How do you create a persona with SegmentAI?

Creating a persona with SegmentAI is a collaborative and detailed process. Our team works closely with you to develop rich, dynamic personas that accurately reflect your target segments. We integrate a variety of insights, including demographic profiles, cultural tendencies, behavioral patterns, and specific product category needs based on their Jobs to Be Done. Our approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your audience, filling any knowledge gaps along the way for a complete customer view.

Can SegmentAI replace qualitative research?

SegmentAI offers a nuanced approach to understanding customer segments—it's not about replacing the depth of individual interviews but enhancing and streamlining the process. While it's true our AI doesn't replicate personal experiences like weekend activities, it's designed to aggregate and interpret segment-level feedback accurately. Through extensive testing, we've seen how SegmentAI effectively mirrors the collective responses of customer cohorts, providing a detailed and actionable representation of their feedback. This capability allows businesses to refine their strategies and ideas before investing in more targeted qualitative research, making the entire process more efficient and impactful.

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