From transfer service to global bank: Reinventing a brand with customer-led strategy

Untold's customer-led approach can guide brand repositioning and strategy development, enabling businesses to successfully evolve in an ever-changing market landscape.

Client challenge

A globally recognised payment solutions provider was at a crossroads. They had built their reputation on offering cost-effective money transfers across borders. But with increasing competition and a business model that increasingly became a race to the bottom on price, the company recognised the need for a shift in strategy. Their goal was to elevate their brand to be seen as a comprehensive digital banking solution for global citizens. However, they needed insight into the consumer and business opportunities that would support this repositioning.

Our approach

To meet this need, Untold conducted a thorough Jobs to be Done segmentation. This offered critical understanding of their key target audiences and their needs. Our insights empowered the client's product and marketing teams to design better solutions and packages for their varying buyer types, and enabled marketing teams to speak more effectively to the key personas.

Outcomes and impact

The results of our work were transformative. During our engagement, the company successfully launched a new brand, shedding their legacy brand name to reflect their broader banking focus. They redesigned their website to speak more directly to their specific target audiences, shifting away from transfer as the core job to a comprehensive banking and payment solution.

Client reflections

“The clarity of Untold’s approach and high standard of excellence makes my life so much easier. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
Research Director of Global Payments Fintech

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