Unlocking B2B growth potential for a sustainable SaaS tool

Untold’s tailored understanding of audience landscapes, facilitated by the Jobs to Be Done methodology, can empower businesses to align their strategies more effectively with market realities.

Client challenge

An emerging sustainability platform, originally conceptualized for a B2C audience, soon recognized the vast potential for their offering in the B2B landscape. Post their strategic shift, the challenge was to gain deep insights into their B2B audiences, fine-tune their positioning, and sharpen their product messaging. They sought a partner with proficiency in the Jobs to Be Done methodology to guide them through this transformation.

Our approach

Collaborating closely with the client, we selected a pool of customers and potential clients across their pivotal audience groups, including CSR professionals, sustainability representatives, HR professionals and employees. A series of meticulous, industry-spanning qualitative interviews were conducted with these stakeholders and users, aiming to unearth strategic insights and clarify their positioning.

Outcomes and impact

Our deep dive revealed a distinct appeal of the platform to a subset of forward-thinking businesses with ambitious sustainability goals. Notably, one specific target audience role surfaced as being particularly inclined towards the platform's offerings. Armed with these insights, the client could distinctly modify their landing page messaging, tailoring it to resonate powerfully with this audience. Additionally, this showed how their sales strategies could evolve, zeroing in on prospective buyers at the right adoption moment, as indicated by external signals.

Client reflections

“Navigating a pivot is never easy, but the insights we gained from this engagement were invaluable. We learned more than expected into the buyer’s journey. Identifying our core audience and their needs directly impacted our sales approach."

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