Reimagining the user experiences that power business aviation

Learn how Untold brought to life an exciting and inspiring Product Vision for the business aviation sector which resulted in acclaim across senior stakeholders, customers and investors leading to a subsequent $200m acquisition deal for the firm.

Client challenge

A leading marketplace in business aviation industry sought our expertise in crafting Sales and Operations Product Vision Strategies that would not only cater to the current needs of the industry but also pave the way for future advancements.

Our approach

We set out to identify the Jobs to Be Done, uncover key opportunities and design vision prototypes in collaboration with the client.

Over 20x conversations with brokers and operators in US & Europe.

Competitor analysis
Review of key competitors and outside industry examples on the sales and operation sides of their business.

Design sprints
2x 1-week in-person workshops powered by AI for maximum in creativity and efficiency. 

Design work

High fidelity concepts to inspire and visualize new products and solutions.

User validation
A second round of interviews to validate and refine the vision prototype.

Outcomes and impact

The newfound clarity and alignment enabled by the Sales and Operations Product Visions has empowered the teams facilitating crucial alignment across departments. The strategy has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both existing customers and board, signalling strong buy-in for ongoing product development.

Client reflections

“Our partnership with Untold has delivered transformative results in helping to redefine our future product portfolio. The Untold team bring an exceptionally high-level of research, product and design thinking skills to our partnership. They effectively went beyond traditional methods to spark innovation, significantly elevating our understanding of our customers’ needs in the process.”
Chief Product Officer of Business Aviation Tech

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