A new generation: Revitalizing a legacy brand with deep customer insight and AI

Untold's blend of deep customer insight and AI-powered ideation can rejuvenate legacy brands, propelling them into a new era of consumer needs and competition.

Client challenge

An established player in the financial management software industry, boasting millions of users since its inception in the 1980s, found itself at a crossroads. Once a market leader, the company now faced a radically different landscape, with a shift towards cloud-based apps and numerous new competitors, including free options. While they had a solid base of loyal, long-term customers, the business needed to appeal to a younger audience to remain relevant in this competitive environment. They sought to understand their customers' jobs to be done and use these insights to shape product and marketing strategies for the new generation of subscribers.

Our approach

To provide a solution, Untold conducted a comprehensive Jobs to be Done study. This offered a foundational customer strategy for the client's product and marketing teams to develop products and marketing that truly resonated with customers. We then conducted an AI sprint, using rapid ideation to generate campaign strategies targeting their core customer segment and brand positioning ideas that aligned with the business's core ambitions.

Outcomes and impact

The impact of our work was profound. Our insights are guiding the launch of a new website and brand identity, and directing product and marketing teams towards meeting customers' jobs to be done. Additionally, our AI-driven process fast-tracked the development of a new landing page and campaign content for the launch.

Client reflections

“This is amazing. In just a few days we’ve seen this process yield incredible, high-quality results, and we’re taking these ideas forward” and “This has delivered outstanding results at unprecedented speed. It has fast-tracked a process that would normally take us months.”
CMO of Financial Software Company

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