Refining the focus: Untold's customer research guides major software provider

Untold’s innovative research approach can help businesses make strategic decisions that truly resonate with their target audiences.

Client challenge

A leading software provider for the Food and Beverage industry was facing a challenge. Despite their extensive marketing efforts, they were unable to gain traction among small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in specific regions of the United States. They needed to understand why their advertisements were not resonating with this target group.

Our approach

Untold was engaged to provide the solution. Our team conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with 30 restaurant owners and managers across key cities. Using a Jobs to be Done methodology, we were able to uncover the underlying functional, social, and emotional needs of the target audience.

Outcomes and impact

The results were enlightening. It was determined that the SME market was less likely to consider the software provider's services suitable for their needs. This was a crucial insight for the software provider. By understanding this reality, they could make a strategic decision to refine their focus and direct their marketing efforts towards larger restaurant chains, which represented more valuable contracts. Through our deep customer insights, we were able to guide our client in a more focused and productive direction.

Client reflections

“Untold’s insights into the Jobs to Be Done of restaurant owners was invaluable in helping our teams narrow the focus for effective channels and key messaging.”
Strategy Lead at Major Software Provider

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