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Adelynne Chao


Adelynne Chao, leveraging her global research and AI expertise at Untold Insights, is transforming market research with strategic, customer-centric solutions.

Adelynne Chao, founder of Untold Insights, is a pioneering strategist and seasoned market researcher with over a decade of expertise in global and boutique research firms. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative approach, coupled with an analytical mindset, has shaped Untold Insights’ unique value proposition - delivering commercially actionable insights through innovative customer psychology frameworks and AI modelling.

Adelynne’s specialty lies in her ability to synthesize complex information into clear narratives that inspire action, a talent honed during her first-class honors business and IT degree from University College London. Her rich consulting experience includes working with leading brands like Oracle, Superdry, and Coach, where she has adeptly guided senior management and marketing teams towards achieving high-value outcomes. With Adelynne’s strong leadership and her team’s unparalleled expertise, Untold Insights continues to redefine market research in an era of rapid digital evolution.

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