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Reveal hidden customer motivations

Truly understanding your customers is what will set you ahead.

It's not about running after every latest trend, but diving deep into the psyche of the people you aim to serve. With Untold, you're equipped with insights, not just information. Our research mission is to illuminate the real reasons behind every click, swipe, and decision your audience makes.

Upgrade your insights

For over a decade, we’ve been on the frontline of customer research in a digital age and seen traditional methods fall short for strategic decision-making. Standard surveys and interviews have their place for quick insights. But to make well informed strategic decisions you need to delve deeper, look closer and see what’s left unsaid. 

Jobs to Be Done: The heart of motivation

Customers don’t buy ‘products’; they ‘hire’ them for a specific ‘job’. This job? It’s the progress they seek in their lives. Our expertise lies in identifying the Jobs to Be Done of your audiences and unearthing insights that remain elusive to others, giving you a competitive edge. 
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What problem this will help them solve in their life.


How they will be perceived.


What solving this problem will help them feel.

Map the buyer's journey

We use our customer-led methodologies as a lens to view the buyer's journey, essential for digital products, SaaS, tech companies and beyond. Our use of the ‘Four Forces’ framework breaks down the path from a customer's initial trigger to the final purchase, highlighting the forces influencing their choices at every turn.
Jobs to Be Done Four Forces Process Diagram

Benefits of a modern approach

A better approach to segmentation

Moving away from traditional demographics or behaviors, a needs-based segmentation is centered on what the customer truly desires. This understanding translates to more relevant marketing, leading to effective end-to-end journeys.

Competitive positioning insights

Real competitors aren’t always those offering similar products. They are whatever solutions your customers currently use to solve their Jobs. It’s about realizing we’re not competing for customers; we’re competing to be the best solution to any one of their Jobs to Be Done.

Spot untapped opportunities

Many iconic brands faded not due to declining product quality but because they missed the 'jobs' of their customers. A relentless focus on the Job, not the product, ensures you stay ahead, even if it means reimagining your identity. Numerous customer needs remain unmet by the current market. You can be a part of shaping that future.

Our promise: Insights beyond the ordinary

Many market research agencies can deliver data, but few transform it into strategic gold. At Untold, we address the common frustrations with traditional research, ensuring our insights are not just informative but powerfully actionable and precisely tailored to your needs.
Our approach ensures that you're not just getting a service, but a strategic partnership that's designed to drive your marketing success now and in the future. 

Here's a snapshot of our typical engagement flow with marketing teams:

Better survey questions

Global trends surveys

Deep qualitative insight

Brand insights & tracking

Unique thought leadership

Better segmentation

Jobs to Be Done research

Clear commercial outcomes

Move beyond off-the-shelf

Off-the-shelf solutions are not going to deliver tailored results. At Untold, we champion innovation and agility in our methodologies. By continuously refining our tools and approaches and integrating the latest in research technology, we guarantee insights that are fresh, relevant, and finely tuned to your unique business needs.

Go from insight to action

At Untold, we recognize that raw data, while essential, is only a part of the equation. Our suite of services and strategic focus means we don’t just describe what's happening but also why it matters. We actively bridge the gap between insights and strategies, offering not just findings but clear, actionable recommendations tailored to your unique business context. As well as the ability to bring those findings to life through our AI Marketing and Product Innovation strategies.

Find out the why behind the numbers

While numbers provide scale and measure, they often miss out on the depth and richness of customer sentiment. We believe that behind every data point, there’s a human story waiting to be told. Instead of just presenting cold numbers, our reports weave them into compelling narratives. This means you're not just looking at figures on a page, but understanding the emotions, motivations, and desires that drive them. This dual approach ensures you capture the full picture.

Featured case studies

Our approach ensures that you're not just getting a service, but a strategic partnership that's designed to drive your marketing success now and in the future. 

Here's a snapshot of our typical engagement flow with marketing teams:

Spot competitive gaps

Through a competitive audit, we identify the underserved Jobs to Be Done that matter to your audiences but are missed by competitors today. These reflect new messaging and targeting opportunities that support your headline offering and help you stand out. By feeding our model with your value proposition, target segment data and competitive data, we help you tap into unexplored opportunities for growth.

Expertly designed research services

Our approach ensures that you're not just getting a service, but a strategic partnership that's designed to drive your marketing success now and in the future. 

Here's a snapshot of our typical engagement flow with marketing teams:

Global trend surveys

Social listening insights

Brand insight & tracking

Market opportunity

Customer segmentation

Jobs to Be Done research

Qualitative deep dives

Competitive audits

Deeper insights

Our unique approach goes beyond traditional research methods. By integrating a variety of data sources and leveraging our deep understanding of customer behaviors, we uncover fresh, profound insights that others often miss. These deep insights reveal the true motivations of your customers, allowing you to connect with them on a more meaningful level and create more impactful strategies.

Findings you can act on

With Untold, your research findings are presented with clear commercial implications. No more sifting through 150 slides of data. We focus on what truly matters to your business and deliver insights that fuel growth.

Collaborative and tailored

We understand that your needs are unique and can change over time. That's why we take a collaborative approach, working closely with you to train our AI according to your specific context. We adapt our services to your changing needs, ensuring that you always have the marketing support you need.

Strengthening Oracle’s marketing initiatives with global consumer research

Discover our partnership with Oracle, where we delivered global consumer research, data-driven insights and tailored content to bolster their marketing and solution-building efforts, achieving impressive traction and engagement.
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"Untold not only captured our vision but challenged us to think differently about our approach resulting in an exceptional body of work. Through thoughtful design and delivery, we were able to generate 200 marketing qualified leads in short order.”
Rose Spicer, Global Marketing Director for Oracle Retail

Unlocking B2B growth potential for a sustainable SaaS tool

Untold’s tailored understanding of audience landscapes, facilitated by the Jobs to Be Done methodology, can empower businesses to align their strategies more effectively with market realities.
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“Navigating a pivot is never easy, but the insights we gained from this engagement were invaluable. We learned more than expected into the buyer’s journey. Identifying our core audience and their needs directly impacted our sales approach."

Refining a HealthTech growth strategy

Untold's ability to harness deep audience insights, can help innovative businesses to redefine their growth strategies and thrive in complex markets.
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"The Jobs to Be Done approach brought a great deal of clarity and we’re still using and sharing these audience insights within the business a year later."
Product Marketing Manager, HealthTech

Transforming product strategy for a groundbreaking digital bank

See how Untold’s innovative research techniques guided a sustainable digital bank's go-to-market strategy, targeting the right market with the right products for climate-conscious millennials.
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"The team is brilliant at getting to the core of what consumers really want. They guided us to avoid the pitfalls of traditional research techniques and ensured we had the right support to do something new and different."
Co Founder of a Digital Bank

A new generation: Revitalizing a legacy brand with deep customer insight and AI

Explore how Untold's customer-led research and AI-driven ideation helped a long-established financial software company redefine its brand and product strategy for a new generation of consumers.
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“This is amazing. In just a few days we’ve seen this process yield incredible, high-quality results, and we’re taking these ideas forward” and “This has delivered outstanding results at unprecedented speed. It has fast-tracked a process that would normally take us months.”
CMO of Financial Software Company

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Even better Personas using Jobs to Be Done

Combining Personas and Jobs to Be Done can enhance your customer-led toolkit for more effective product and marketing strategies.
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How Jobs to Be Done leads to more powerful creativity (with examples)

With the rise of new technologies and ever-evolving customer needs, it’s more important than ever to get creative in the way we approach our work.
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How is jobs to be done different from traditional research techniques?

Unlike traditional research techniques that may be brand or product-led, jobs to be done adopts a customer-led approach. Instead of solely seeking feedback on your brand or products, we ask customers about how the solutions they use fit into their lives. This angle allows us to glean deeper insights into customer psychology, empowering businesses to devise superior products and more effective marketing strategies.

I thought jobs to be done is an innovation methodology?

While it's true that Jobs to Be Done is often associated with innovation, its application spans beyond just that. We view it as the bedrock for a holistic customer-led strategy. This approach touches various functions of a business and, most crucially, positions the customer at the center of everything.

What markets do you cover?

Our research spans global markets. We conduct surveys, trend studies, and qualitative research across the world and particularly in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. Regardless of the region, our objective remains consistent: to understand the customer in depth.

What type of research and data do you use for your approach?

Our approach is comprehensive. We harness a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods, bolstered by desk research, social listening, AI-driven insights, and an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape.

How do you source and analyze data for your strategies?

We collaborate with a diverse network of panel partners and recruitment specialists to recruit consumers, B2B prospects, and even those considered hard to reach. Moreover, if you have existing customer lists, we are well-equipped to engage with them directly to extract valuable insights.

How do you define "deep insights," and how do they differ from regular insights?

Our experience spanning over a decade in customer and behavioral insights has sharpened our ability to discern between surface responses and genuine customer sentiment. While many rely on superficial survey answers, we prioritize qualitative interviews. Our approach is more akin to a deep, conversational dive than a standard question and answer format. This allows us to capture the true sentiments and motivations behind customer responses.

Can you share more details about your competitor analysis? How does it differ from a traditional competitor analysis?

Our unique approach emphasizes the customer's perspective at the heart of competitor analysis. Instead of merely mirroring what competitors do, we delve into the reasons behind their success. We achieve this by comprehending how they cater to the core needs and desires of their customers, as framed by the "jobs to be done" methodology. By adopting this lens, we can identify potential gaps in the market—areas where competitors might be missing the mark. This insight paves the way for addressing unmet customer needs.

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