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We're Untold - a strategic powerhouse that blends deep customer insights with cutting-edge AI.

Our goal? To help accelerate your growth in a hyper-competitive digital age. We're not traditional consultants, we're partners for your customer-led growth journey.
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Create a winning B2B SaaS product marketing strategy for 2024 (with real-world examples)

In the world of digital products, especially in the B2B SaaS domain, competition is heating up. The key to staying ahead? A winning product marketing strategy.
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AI Powered Innovation Sprints

The power of collaborative creativity with the world’s largest brain.
We developed a time-constrained, structured process for rapid AI-powered proposition development that gets you so much further, so much faster.
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How we help

Untold is here to supercharge your strategic efforts in the following ways:
Strategy & Positioning

Stand out in the digital crowd

Customer-led positioning that cuts through the noise.
Our positioning approach is tailored for a hyper-competitive world of limited attention spans. We help you identify your ideal target audience based on data-driven insight and help you establish a positioning for your business that’s unique and meaningful.
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Marketing + AI
🎉Limited Time Offer

Create messaging that resonates 

Discover what truly clicks with your customers. 
We train a customized AI brain in our unique customer-led methodology to help you rapidly create differentiated and targeted campaign strategies that resonate. 
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Product Innovation + AI
🎉Limited Time Offer

Power your product innovation 

Leap ahead of the competition.
We offer a rapid ideation process for new ventures that combines our Jobs to Be Done innovation methodology with AI to develop solutions that meet emerging customer needs before your competitors do.
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Jobs to Be Done Research

Reveal hidden customer motivations

Tap into the ‘why’ behind customer behavior.
Our Jobs to Be Done research methodology is designed to uncover core customer needs and motivations missed by traditional research, providing a stronger foundation for strategic decision making.
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Research & Insight

Discover truly actionable insights

Make informed decisions with confidence.
Our comprehensive research and insight services help you uncover compelling commercial insights from a fusion of robust and rigorous global qualitative, quantitative and social listening research.
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The Untold difference

Insights beyond the ordinary

At Untold we’re rooted in a deep understanding of customer behavior.
Our journey has taken us through thousands of global customer interviews as the world has shifted to digital. To build better strategies traditional research templates don’t cut it anymore. Our approach identifies the insights that drive your strategies to success. 

Next-level strategies, powered by AI

Our AI is more than just technology, it's a strategic partner, meticulously trained to deliver exceptional customer-led strategies.
In collaboration with your team, we tune the AI's immense power to your unique context, fostering ideas that defy boundaries and elevate your strategies.

Results, in days not months

Staying ahead is a race against time, and we're your competitive edge.
Our emphasis on the essential allows us to capture game-changing insights, with the power of AI taking us from insight to action – be it a new proposition, campaign or positioning idea – in mere days. We take you further, faster.

Collaborative by design

We understand that one-size-fits-all solutions can't meet the nuanced needs of your business.
Our open approach invites you into the heart of the process, weaving your insights and feedback into the fabric of our work. We don't just work for you, we work with you. As an extension of your team, we ensure that the end result fits your business.
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Success stories

Strengthening Oracle’s marketing initiatives with global consumer research

Discover our partnership with Oracle, where we delivered global consumer research, data-driven insights and tailored content to bolster their marketing and solution-building efforts, achieving impressive traction and engagement.
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"Untold not only captured our vision but challenged us to think differently about our approach resulting in an exceptional body of work. Through thoughtful design and delivery, we were able to generate 200 marketing qualified leads in short order.”
Rose Spicer, Global Marketing Director for Oracle Retail

Unlocking B2B growth potential for a sustainable SaaS tool

Untold’s tailored understanding of audience landscapes, facilitated by the Jobs to Be Done methodology, can empower businesses to align their strategies more effectively with market realities.
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“Navigating a pivot is never easy, but the insights we gained from this engagement were invaluable. We learned more than expected into the buyer’s journey. Identifying our core audience and their needs directly impacted our sales approach."

Global brand strategy for a leading insurance provider

Untold's expertise in crafting brand strategies can help major brands resonate globally while acknowledging regional nuances, ensuring brand consistency and depth across diverse markets.
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"This initiative has seamlessly tied together the essence of our brand across various markets, ensuring a consistent yet culturally nuanced brand representation. The strategic clarity has not only strengthened our global brand identity but has also paved the way for collaborations that align with our mission."
Global Head of Brand

Refining a HealthTech growth strategy

Untold's ability to harness deep audience insights, can help innovative businesses to redefine their growth strategies and thrive in complex markets.
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"The Jobs to Be Done approach brought a great deal of clarity and we’re still using and sharing these audience insights within the business a year later."
Product Marketing Manager, HealthTech

Transforming product strategy for a groundbreaking digital bank

See how Untold’s innovative research techniques guided a sustainable digital bank's go-to-market strategy, targeting the right market with the right products for climate-conscious millennials.
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"The team is brilliant at getting to the core of what consumers really want. They guided us to avoid the pitfalls of traditional research techniques and ensured we had the right support to do something new and different."
Co Founder of a Digital Bank

Refining the focus: Untold's customer research guides major software provider

Discover how Untold’s in-depth customer research guided a leading software provider to refine their target market, enabling them to focus on more valuable prospects.
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“Untold’s insights into the Jobs to Be Done of restaurant owners was invaluable in helping our teams narrow the focus for effective channels and key messaging.”
Strategy Lead at Major Software Provider

From transfer service to global bank: Reinventing a brand with customer-led strategy

Discover how Untold's Jobs to be Done segmentation guided a global payment company's successful pivot from a transfer service to a digital bank for global citizens.
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“The clarity of Untold’s approach and high standard of excellence makes my life so much easier. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
Research Director of Global Payments Fintech

A new generation: Revitalizing a legacy brand with deep customer insight and AI

Explore how Untold's customer-led research and AI-driven ideation helped a long-established financial software company redefine its brand and product strategy for a new generation of consumers.
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“This is amazing. In just a few days we’ve seen this process yield incredible, high-quality results, and we’re taking these ideas forward” and “This has delivered outstanding results at unprecedented speed. It has fast-tracked a process that would normally take us months.”
CMO of Financial Software Company

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Create a winning B2B SaaS product marketing strategy for 2024 (with real-world examples)

In the world of digital products, especially in the B2B SaaS domain, competition is heating up. The key to staying ahead? A winning product marketing strategy.
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Segmentation that talks: Introducing Avery, your Gen-Z AI persona (Demo)

Dive into a world where your segments aren't just data points, but dynamic personas you can interact with. Trial Avery, our demo AI persona and imagine how your segments can truly come alive.
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The power of AI in marketing: From thought to visualization in 6 hours

We delve deep into an experiential walkthrough to give you a front-seat view of AI in action.
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Marketers: Enhance Your Marketing Strategies with AI-Powered Propositions

How your marketing team can benefit from AI to help elevate your brand and connect with customers.
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Avery is a 23 year old Gen Z persona that prioritizes sustainability in her daily life. Avery’s knowledge is built on comprehensive Gen Z surveys, capturing the insights of over 1,000 Gen Z consumers across UK & US.
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Sustainability: An afterthought effect

A research report based on data captured from 2,000 UK and US consumers about their behaviours and attitudes towards ethics and sustainability in everyday purchases.
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