Discover the market sweet spot

Maximize your product’s potential by ensuring it deeply resonates with the needs of target personas, and solves for untapped demand in existing or new markets.

Decode customer behavior

Figure out what your target customers actually want with our approach that gets behind surface rationalizations and uncovers true motivations.

Get clear on the opportunities

Focus on the biggest and most lucrative market opportunities that also align with your brand and product portfolio.

Lead the competition

Instead of following competitors, pave the way by addressing unmet needs and creating unique value for customers.

Target better

Reach the right audience segments with the right messages. We help you identify key personas and align your messaging to their specific needs.

Our impact

Our approach ensures that you're not just getting a service, but a strategic partnership that's designed to drive your marketing success now and in the future. 

Here's a snapshot of our typical engagement flow with marketing teams:

Refining the focus: Untold's customer research guides major software provider

Discover how Untold’s in-depth customer research guided a leading software provider to refine their target market, enabling them to focus on more valuable prospects.
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“Untold’s insights into the Jobs to Be Done of restaurant owners was invaluable in helping our teams narrow the focus for effective channels and key messaging.”
Strategy Lead at Major Software Provider

From transfer service to global bank: Reinventing a brand with customer-led strategy

Discover how Untold's Jobs to be Done segmentation guided a global payment company's successful pivot from a transfer service to a digital bank for global citizens.
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“The clarity of Untold’s approach and high standard of excellence makes my life so much easier. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
Research Director of Global Payments Fintech
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Our innovative platform is a customer insight assistant built for tech product professionals. The tool helps you predict the likely resonance of concepts and messaging with your preloaded bespoke AI personas.

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How do you source and analyze data for your strategies?

We collaborate with a diverse network of panel partners and recruitment specialists to recruit consumers, B2B prospects, and even those considered hard to reach. Moreover, if you have existing customer lists, we are well-equipped to engage with them directly to extract valuable insights.

How do you define "deep insights," and how do they differ from regular insights?

Our experience spanning over a decade in customer and behavioral insights has sharpened our ability to discern between surface responses and genuine customer sentiment. While many rely on superficial survey answers, we prioritize qualitative interviews. Our approach is more akin to a deep, conversational dive than a standard question and answer format. This allows us to capture the true sentiments and motivations behind customer responses.

Can you share more details about your "customer-led competitor analysis"? How does it differ from a traditional competitor analysis?

Our unique approach emphasizes the customer's perspective at the heart of competitor analysis. Instead of merely mirroring what competitors do, we delve into the reasons behind their success. We achieve this by comprehending how they cater to the core needs and desires of their customers, as framed by the "jobs to be done" methodology. By adopting this lens, we can identify potential gaps in the market—areas where competitors might be missing the mark. This insight paves the way for addressing unmet customer needs.

In which industries or sectors have you seen the most success?

While our method is specifically tailored for companies delivering digital products, our expertise spans a broad array of sectors within that realm. If you're keen to understand our experience in a particular sector, please get in touch, and we'd be glad to provide more tailored insights.

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