Your pathway to product success

Own the future with actionable, customer-led product strategies and market-leading solutions based on our proven customer-led approaches.

Know where to invest

Work with us on an in-depth and rigorous discovery process that identifies and validates product opportunities before you invest in development. 

Build smarter

Learn from our continuous discovery mindset and agile product development approaches that will set your teams up for success.

Rapidly generate propositions

Our team will spearhead a collaborative project with you that results in clear user-validated propositions in weeks that teams are excited to get behind.

Own the future 

Our process is designed to generate breakthrough ideas that help you define a future product vision, ensuring you can lead the market with next generation solutions.

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How do you know what information the AI uses to come up with ideas?

We tell our AI exactly what to focus on. We give it the context it needs and guide it to use the right information for each project. We’re not relying on the AI to source data, and this way we are creating a safe playground for idea generation.

What information do you use to train the AI?

We use our deep knowledge of what customers want, whether it's for a new product or a marketing campaign. This, along with our special approach to understanding what jobs customers want done, forms the basis for training our AI.

What makes this different from other AI tools?

Our process doesn't just use AI; it starts with the right information and uses a tried-and-tested model to ensure the best results. Our consultants and AI experts work with you to help you get the most out of this process. This involves understanding your challenges, gathering bespoke data and building on our understanding of customer psychology to deliver exceptional results in the fraction of time it would normally take.

How can product teams benefit from this AI process?

Our AI helps product teams think more creatively and innovatively. It also saves time by speeding up the product development process, makes sure your products are based on real evidence, and helps your team work together more effectively.

How can this AI service help marketing teams?

Our AI service helps marketing teams create campaigns or messaging that really speak to their customers. By understanding what customers want and testing concepts before they're rolled out, you can create highly effective, personalized campaigns that deliver a better return on investment.

How long does it take?

We tailor the process to every project, and it depends on whether primary research is required to help create the inputs. In general, our AI Sprints can take as little as 2-weeks.

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