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Identify your ideal target audiences to unlock new growth

In this post we outline a 5 step evidence-based approach to unlocking new growth through identifying the key target audiences for your proposition.

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The value of a needs-based segmentation in a digital world

We explain why needs-based segmentations are gaining popularity in a digital age, how they achieve this balance and overcome some of the challenges faced by other forms of segmentation.

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Incorporating the Behavioural Science Toolkit into your Customer Research

Customers are human, and being human comes with its fair share of quirks and complexities. This makes it difficult for organisations to predict how people will react and respond to new strategies or decisions. Behavioural science digs past the assumption that humans will act in a logical or rational way.

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Augmenting the Design Thinking Process with Jobs to Be Done Research

Design thinking has garnered a fair share of attention in the past decade as a means for companies to foster creativity and promote innovation. However, despite using this process, potential gaps can still exist that can be filled with the use of Jobs to Be Done research.

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Notice me! Why is it constantly getting harder for your comms to be noticed? It’s because of selective attention.

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What is the MAIN thing customers want to know about your product?

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How is customer strategy different to brand strategy? And why you need BOTH.

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How to use JTBD to build a proposition customers will love

So you have a new idea? You’re sure customers would love it- at least you think so……Perhaps some elements could be refined, but how will you know for sure what needs to change and what already works best? Here is where customer research powered by Jobs to Be Done can come in to be your guide.

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The product marketers guide to Jobs to Be Done (JTBD)

Customer understanding is integral to great product marketing. Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is integral to superior customer understanding.‍

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Why customer conversations are invaluable for marketing strategy

When done right, customer conversations can transform your marketing strategy.

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Help! What is Jobs to be Done?

The theory of Jobs to be Done (JTBD) is a framework for understanding what motivates customers to make buying decisions.

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It’s time to update your brand tracker

Brand trackers are no longer fit for purpose. Marketers need a modern approach to customer insights that will help them grow sales, through understanding customers' jobs to be done

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Using Jobs to be Done (JTBD) research to optimise your marketing messaging

The core premise of Jobs To Be Done is completely logical, even common sense. It says: customers don’t want products, they want to achieve an outcome in their lives.

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