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Brand tracking solutions are largely traditional and outdated, dominated by off the shelf templates which are easier for agencies to operationalise.

Customer segmentations often also have usability issues, are overly simplistic or overly complex and are not reflective of how customers really behave today.

In the meantime, buying behaviour has changed drastically; customers now have more choice and buying power and they seek greater alignment with brands. 

Brand tracking - it’s just not useful.

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Design issues
Operational issues
Usability issues
Data doesn't mean anything
Demotivating for niche brands
Information overload, 150 page reports
Junior project teams
Long cumbersome surveys
Not actionable or strategic
Off the shelf templates
Outdated for a digital age
Poor quality data
Reliance on self-service
Research-speak & data heavy
Too much complexity

Brand tracking needs a redesign.

The future of brand tracking must reflect these changes

20 years ago


Brands have more power
Customers have more power
One size fits all prevails
Niche targeting fuels growth
Traditional retail journeys
Digital purchase journeys
Low trust for unknown brands
Higher trust in newer challengers
Less competition
Highly competitive sub-markets

Redesigning brand and customer insights

Here's how in three steps:
Customer-led discovery: Identify needs, i.e. functional and emotional ‘Jobs’ that are driving buying behaviour in your market 
Needs-based segmentation: Instead of segmenting customers, segment ‘needs’ which are agnostic to demographic profilers  
Track performance by need: Achieve growth through greater alignment to customer missions and aspirational niches


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