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Jobs to Be Done

Using our Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework we delve into the deeper layers of customer motivations and map out the forces impacting current purchase decisions in the market today.
  • Identify the underlying motivations of target customers
  • Design propositions that customers will love by tapping into underserved needs and white space in the current market
  • Create marketing and comms that resonates with buyers and their underlying needs
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We conduct one-on-one interviews with your existing and target customers. Working from your own customer lists as well as externally sourced B2B or consumer participants sourced from our trusted recruitment partners. We’ll design a robust qualitative research plan that taps into all your key audiences and markets to ensure a broad representation of results.
  • Live observable remote interviews
  • Broad audience coverage (B2B, consumer, customer and non-customer)
  • Multi-market coverage
  • Experienced moderators
  • JTBD specialists  


Surveys are a valuable source of data when used correctly. We use surveys for sizing behaviours and attitudes identified in the upfront qualitative phases. This ensures surveys are always intuitive, engaging, short and to the point.
  • Short, engaging and easy-to-answer survey design
  • Best practice guidance on the types of questions that are most valuable
  • Data collection designed specifically for market sizing
  • Global coverage (60+ markets) and translation services
  • Clear ways to visualise data and findings that are not overwhelming
Advanced analytics
Advanced techniques include simulations within a controlled research environment using a conjoint or trade off exercise to determine the relative importance of price or brand or other features of an offer.
Demand testing
Demand testing is another method we use that puts your early-stage prototype into the real world to understand engagement through measuring click-through-rates or conversion to sign-ups. We help you develop a series of landing pages, and a carefully configured social media campaign that can help to identify the strength of demand and strongest campaign messages.


Audience segmentation

We’ve been designing and working with segmentations of leading global brands for over a decade, so we have seen first-hand what works well and what doesn’t.
We see the primary aim of segmentation as helping teams to adopt a customer-led mindset in all the work they do. It’s a useful method of internalising the customers’ needs and motivations.

Our approach is to root customer personas in Jobs to Be Done. Why? Because a customer is often misunderstood based on the demographic box we put them in. A bunch of customers that look the same demographically could have entirely different needs. By tying together the core demographic attributes (whether that’s age, or company size) and the core Jobs to Be Done of those customers, we can more easily speak directly to what they need.
  • Explore the different buyer personas / segments in your market
  • Identify the biggest value opportunities based on audience groups which are either large, niche but high value or currently underserved
  • Determine which Jobs to Be Done matter most to your different audience segments



Looking to install or upgrade your brand tracker? We can work with you to ensure your brand tracker design is fit for purpose.
Tracks relevant KPIs and ties back to your core Jobs to Be Done and audience segments.

In a digital age, high-level brand metrics are not enough to determine a brand’s marketing or sales performance. Whether a potential customer attitudinally ‘loves’ or ‘hates’ your brand is not a predictive measure of performance. What is predictive? How strongly a customer associates your brand with one of their Jobs to Be Done.
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Competitor insight

We help you to define and explore the competitive landscape from a customer perspective.
Aside from direct competitors (from a capabilities point of view), your competition could be any solutions that customers are currently using today instead of your product. A ton of value exists in understanding this broader competitive landscape and how customers navigate your market.
  • Map out how competitors are trying to serve customers’ Jobs to Be Done today, to identify gaps and opportunities in your product and messaging
  • Highlight case studies which showcase and evaluate competitive strategies for targeting specific Jobs through audience segments, marketing messaging or product features
  • Conduct a design and UX audit through competitor landing pages, onboarding and proposition
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Trends and thought leadership

Dive into the cultural moment by understanding more about consumers’ attitudes and openness to current and emerging trends.
Aim for media pick-up with robust global surveys of thousands of relevant consumers. Engage with your own buyers and audiences by providing them with valuable data about their own potential customers.

We work with partners across the globe to conduct research in 60+ international markets. Our focus is on capturing high quality robust data that asks interesting questions to bring a new angle to the conversation. Our team can support you from questionnaire development, data collection, narrative development and production of professionally designed visual outputs and marketing materials.
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